Although we pride ourselves on being accurate, we are not responsible for incorrect names, dates, and content.  We invite contributions from individuals and organizations with information that would be of interest to residents of Upper Merion Township.  All submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word or similar word processing program (no PDF’s please) and no more than 500 words in length.  We reserve the right to accept or refuse submissions, and edit their content or length. We also reserve the right to refuse advertising that in our opinion does not reflect the mission of this online newspaper.  The opinions expressed either by paid advertisement or by editorial content do not necessarily reflect the views of this online newspaper.  Content submitted may be reprinted and acknowledged without consent unless otherwise specified.

Reprints of articles or photographs is not permitted without permission.

All restaurant reviews are based on unsolicited and unannounced visits, and everything has been ordered and paid for just as any other customer would do.  We will rate the food on creativity and taste, and we will rate the service on timeliness and professionalism.  There are no bells, forks, or mmm’s in these reviews.  There will simply be “We would hurry back”, or “We would not hurry back”.

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