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King of Prussia, Images of America

King of Prussia, Images of America

King of Prussia, Images of America, is a fascinating journey through time as you will observe by way of thought provoking images of the original town as it existed in the late 19th century, described by Charles Francis Saunders as resembling an English hamlet, complete with neat little dwellings, each with its old fashioned garden, a shady bridge, a sturdy blacksmith shop, a general store, the doctor’s home, and a stately inn.  Follow the growth of the community by viewing this timeless collection of photographs depicting majestic homes and thriving business, some of which still exist today, and others that have fallen in the name of progress.  From these picturesque and humble beginnings, you will witness how King of Prussia has grown to become a leader in commerce, hosting over 10 million visitors a year!

$20.00 includes delivery to the King of Prussia area.

King of Prussia, Then and Now

King of Prussia, Then and Now

King of Prussia, Then and Now: When my first book, King of Prussia, in the Images of America series was published, I received many comments, mostly good, some scolding me for a small error, and yet others somewhat disturbing.  One of the most gratifying comments I received was from people thanking me for the time they spent with their families, gathered around the fireplace, sharing the memories that the book provoked with its images.  A complement I heard nearly as often was again one of praise, for finally capturing our past in one complete volume.  Still, one of the most disturbing came from educators new to the area, wondering exactly where King of Prussia was.  Even though I tried to detail the beginnings of our town with maps and descriptions, many could not picture where the town began.  I vowed then and there to try to bring this to light in a more visual way, to help people see beyond the concrete and witness the beginnings of our town as compared to what exists now, and what brought about such An amazing change.

King of Prussia, in the Then and Now series is a look back at where we came from, as well as where we are today.  I’ll attempt to take the reader back to where we began, explain why our town began were it did, and how it flourished.  I’ll also show that not everything is gone.  Many wonderful reminders of our past still exist, with extraordinary tales hidden within their walls.  One has but to look carefully to allow the past to come alive, thanks to the hard work and diligent efforts of a few dedicated individuals, interested in preventing developers from having their way with our community completely, in the name of progress.

$20.00 includes delivery to the King of Prussia area.


A.B. Chance Co.

Porcelain Insulators (shown inverted) from the A.B. Chance Company (1959-1994).  A pair of large brown & white porcelain insulators measuring 7-1/4″ in diameter, and 5″ high.  Judging by the underglazed markings, the pair dates from 1959-1963.  They are in excellent condition, and were used as candleholders outside at the dinner table, although they would make a handsome display almost anywhere.

$50.00 for the pair, includes delivery to the King of Prussia area.

pair of prints

Scone Palace,Perthshire, Scotland and Harewood House, Leeds Yorkshire

Scone Palace and Harewood House: A pair of prints measuring 11-1/2″ x 9-1/4″ featuring Scone Palace, the original home of the Stone of Destiny and the coronations of the Kings of Scots, and Harewood House, one of the most stately summer homes in England.

$30.00 for the pair, includes delivery to the King of Prussia area.

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