Old Roberts School and McKaig Nature Education Center Damaged by Irene

The McKaig Nature Center and the Old Roberts Schoolhouse has suffered from the ravages of Hurricane Irene and we need your help.

Old Roberts School damaged by IreneEven though we cleared the gutters just prior to the rains at the Old Schoolhouse, water cascaded over the gutters and onto the cellar doors.  These doors are old and rusty and the installation grout has partially crumbled away.  The basement received much water that the existing sump pump may have kept up until the power went out.

Additionally, in McKaig Nature Center, the 3 bridges have suffered along with some significant erosion to the trails that will require remediation.  Please visit here for a more detailed explanation. Damage to McKaig Nature Center

Stream bank erosion under the Janoski bridge near Monkey Rock.

The estimated repair costs for the Old Schoolhouse for new cellar doors, sump pump with battery, and a commercial dehumidifier is $2,800.  Furthermore, at least $6,300 is needed to start the repairs to the 3 bridges and erosion damage in the park itself.

We would need 65 families to offer $100 each along with several, more generous neighbors to start the repairs.  Please visit here to help.

Vytas Masalaitis, Director

www.UMPHF.org parent organization for McKaig Nature Education Center Contact me:  info@EnjoyMcKaig.org

EDITOR’S NOTE: Both of these properties represent the “Crown Jewels” of Upper Merion.  The McKaig Nature Education Center is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished by involving the community and it is a tribute to a group of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to insure that your visit is top notch.  The Old Roberts School is one of the only remaining historic landmarks in the township, and worthy of our continued support.  I know times are difficult, but a contribution (even a small one) will help keep this building in its restored condition.

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